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Reasons to Book Apartments Korcula Prizba Priscapac

Korcula and Prizba are quiet seaside resorts

Apartments Korcula Prizba Priscapac. The island of Korcula, with the unforgettable scenery of Prizba, its islets, the sea and the horizon in all shades of blue, is certainly one of those places that make you feel like in a dream. Lying on the beach, catching the warm and hot rays of the sun and feeling the cool breeze in your hair makes you forget the everyday life. Your experience should not stop there, because there is much more to explore. If you sail all around Prizba and Karbuni, you will find the islets which hide their own secrets. They are hiding beautiful spots for feeling the Mediterranean and diving into the turquoise sea – you might discover something you’ve known or forgotten long time ago.

Sights on Korcula

Prizba is a summer seaside resort which is primarily great for enjoying in the sun and the sea. But, Korcula is an island with a rich historical background. Take a walk through Blato, Vela Luka or the city of Korcula. Live the history once more from the architecture, food or people. Do not forget to explore the landscape of Korcula – a bicycle might be the best choice. Just ride your bike through the picturesque vineyards and the olive trees plantations. Try to count the countless stone terraces…

Not convinced yet?

Here in Prizba, near the small peninsula Priscapac in the seaside apartment you will find a great hospitality in the family Cetinic – Koca. Their offer of the attractive accommodation and a fine home made food along with their wine are the promise for an unforgettable vacation on the island of Korcula.